Batch Pick

Optimize productivity and increase speed by picking up to 100 orders at a time.


Next best thing to cloning yourself.
The Power of Many in One PIcker.

Pick2Grid™ — it's patent perfect.

Make picking easier, more accurate, and more efficient with our patented grid display — Pick2Grid™. Keep your orders neatly organized from start to finish. Present users with a virtual representation of the cart and assign each order to its own unique compartment.

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Nobody likes a mis-pick.

When an item is picked and scanned for an order, the correct compartment is highlighted on the grid to indicate where it goes. Every product and its appropriate compartment on the cart must be scanned and verified to proceed to the next item.

Integrate with any system:

Cloud based. Low cost. Pain free.

Integrate with almost every major fulfillment platform. It's used by massive distribution centers and small garage-based startups. With low cost options, WOS brings big-box power to businesses at any level.


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