Cycle Count

Perform simple, reliable, and accurate inventory counts without the need to stop and record data by hand.


Count on WOS to do the counting.
Know your inventory. Know your business.

One-Step Verification

With one-step verification your inventory count for a certain area is updated immediately after an employee counts the product items. This will update within WOS to give you accurate inventory numbers.

Two-Step Verification

The two-step verification option is another safeguard to prevent manual count errors. Once the user completes a count of a particular area or product, the count numbers will be sent to another employee who will verify them at the product location.


Integrate with any system:

Cloud based. Low cost. Pain free.

Integrate with almost every major fulfillment platform. It's used by massive distribution centers and small garage-based startups. With low cost options, WOS brings big-box power to businesses at any level.


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