Inventory Management with Advanced AR Technology

Augement your warehouse operation with AR technology for shipping and receiving operations.

Streamline Warehouse Receiving With AR

Eliminate Errors

Augmented Reality, or AR, can provide workers visual cues and instructions to help them quickly and accurately identify returned items and sort by category.

Improved Accuracy

Reduce labor costs and optimize your warehouse operations with our AR-based Pick-to-Light system. Automation and real-time inventory tracking optimize current manual picking strategies

Lowered Labor Costs

Unlock lightning-fast warehouse operations with our AR-based Pick-to-Light system. Real-time visual cues and hands-free operation increase speed and efficiency, while directed picking guidance ensures accuracy and reduces the time needed to complete tasks.

Groundbreaking AR
Pick-to-Light Technology

Unlock the full potential of your warehouse with Instalink's advanced AR-based Pick-to-Light system and Microsoft Halo Lens 2 AR glasses. Directed picking guidance and hands-free scanning make picking easy and processing returns more efficient, all while boosting worker moral and accuracy.

Unlock The Perfect Pick

Experience efficient and accurate picking with our Instalink's AR technology. The clear view and lightweight design ensures safety and comfort for your workers while reducing errors and fatigue. Workers quite literally follow an arrow guiding them from one pick to the next. Picking has never been easier.

More Cost Effective Than Traditional Pick-to-Light Systems

No need to install tens of thousands of dollars worth of lighting systems to achieve the benefits of pick to light. For a fraction of the cost, you can utilize Instalink's state of the art AR technology to improve safety, boost cost savings and increase worker productivity.

Empower Your Pickers With The Holo Lens 2

State Of The Art Warehouse Technology
At A Fraction Of The Cost


Per Device

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