Pack One

Rapidly pick a hot selling item and assign it to any customer who made that purchase.

A woman putting a folded shirt into a cardboard box.

Scan any SKU and match it with an existing order.
The pack of least resistance.

How does pack-one work?

Pack-one flips the picking process for faster fulfillment and focuses on a hot-selling item as opposed to an order. Here's how:

  • Identify a hot-selling item.
  • Load a bunch of that item to your pick-cart to take to the packing area.
  • Scan an item and WOS will automatically pull up an existing order that contains that product.
  • Pack the order and move on to the next item.
  • Continue the process until all orders have been packed.
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Integrate with any system:

Cloud based. Low cost. Pain free.

Integrate with almost every major fulfillment platform. It's used by massive distribution centers and small garage-based startups. With low cost options, WOS brings big-box power to businesses at any level.

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