WarehouseOS™ comes with a set of patents that makes its solutions unique and valuable in helping further our mission of providing the best inventory management solutions to businesses.

PATENT US9656804B2

A warehouse management method using a pick platform may include associating a mobile computing device with a pick platform based on an identifier associated with the pick platform. A platform profile for the pick platform may be identified based on the identifier. Portions of the platform profile may be displayed using a platform profile map of the pick platform on the mobile computing device representing locations on the pick platform to which an item included in a plurality of orders is to be put.

PATENT US9754238B2

A warehouse management system can include pick platforms, each having an identifier associated therewith. A mobile computing device can be associated with a pick platform based on the identifier and may be associated with one of the pick platforms at a time. A director computing device can be in communication with the mobile computing device and can transmit pick instructions to the mobile computing device based on a currently associated pick platform.

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