2022 Cloud-Based Warehouse Management Software


Jeremy Barth

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

WMS stands for warehouse management software. Simply put, it is software that helps businesses manage and track their inventory in a more efficient way. 

Truly, WMS systems are the backbone that supports the way the world shops. Small business e-commerce operators are selling directly to customers, and that puts them in the fulfillment business – a capability that was previously handled by downstream sellers (retailers, wholesalers, distributors, or even Amazon). 

For companies that want to sell directly, they have to fulfill directly, and that means outsourcing to a 3PL, or self-fulfilling. More and more companies are choosing to self-fulfill, and that has created a massive opportunity for a new breed of WMS.

Typical WMS VS the New Breed of WMS

Warehouse management systems typically use paper, RF guns, or LAN-based computers that don’t communicate with the web. 

The new breed uses tablets and other smart devices that visualize products and direct workers to pick via the most efficient route through the warehouse. They use a cloud-based database that can be accessed from multiple locations and integrates with almost any third-party service (Shopify, Shipstation, etc.). 

They enable their users to automatically download and track orders, and print shipping labels, all in one place.


Just like the new breed of WMS, there is a new breed of e-commerce operators. These are the “Self-Fulfillers”, a new class of emerging startups and established manufacturers that are part of a fast trend to sell direct and fulfill in-house. 

These businesses are taking advantage of powerful new WMS platforms, of which WarehouseOS® (WOS) is an industry-leading example. 

With documented picking speed increases of 100%, the WOS platform fits a wide range of WMS applications, from e-commerce startups to large 3PL’s.

WMS Features

When reviewing the state of the art features of a WMS, small businesses should expect to get automatic order import from major selling channels, one-click and batch printing, easy customs forms for international orders, fast put away, batch picking, and more. 

The solution should streamline inventory processes with multi-channel inventory automation, supplier and purchase order management, two-way inventory sync, and product performance insights and reports. 

Fast onboarding and great support available via phone, in-platform chat, and email should also be expected.

Look for Vendor’s With Experience

While many small businesses are moving into self-fulfillment, this is often an operational area they don’t have experience with, so it’s important to work with a vendor that supports and specializes in the educational and training side of a WMS implementation.

Among many options, WarehouseOS® has proven to greatly support this new breed of “self fulfillers” with one of the easiest and most powerful cloud-based shipping platforms on the market. 

Affordable, subscription-based, and integrated with leading online marketplaces such as Shopify and Magento, WOS allows customers to manage orders, automate shipping, track shipments, and notify recipients all in one easy-to-use platform.

About WarehouseOS®

As a leading provider of e-commerce services for small to midsize retailers, WarehouseOS® offers a true end-to-end e-commerce solution. 

Leveraging the most agile, enterprise-tier e-commerce platform in the industry, the ability to fully integrate an omnichannel commerce solution with order management, order fulfillment, parcel delivery, and returns management is usually out of financial reach for smaller businesses, but this is not the case with WOS. 

By seamlessly connecting every step in the process, WarehouseOS® is capable of providing companies with a single view of their customers, products, and orders across the entire order life cycle.

Innovative technology-driven solutions that improve the customer experience and accelerate growth are central to the success of WarehouseOS® for business owners. 

Expert consulting, scalable and flexible platforms, and actionable data at every consumer touch-point provide companies with the competitive advantage to deliver superior performance in the rapidly evolving world of global commerce.

WarehouseOS® has been reviewed and rated by fast-growing small businesses and is considered by many as the leading provider of cloud-based shipping, inventory management, and e-commerce. 

WarehouseOS® is a fully integrated revolutionary mobile solution for cloud-based e-commerce that is affordable for small to midsize companies.


Jeremy Barth

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