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Jeremy Barth

Friday, May 20, 2022

The Best Cloud-Based Warehouse Management System [Hint: It’s an app]

What is WarehouseOS™ (WOS)?

WarehouseOS™ (WOS) is the best cloud-based warehouse management system to date. Packed full of amazing features, this software sports the ability to grow with your company, no matter the size. From small startups to large 3PLs, WOS has enough power to organize and update your outdated and inefficient picking process.

Today, two-day shipping has become the standard in our fast-paced modern society, and to achieve that, you don’t need to fully automate. Instead, all you need is powerful software that directs and manages inventory flow in your storage facility.

Most major 3PLs, eCommerce businesses, apparel brands, and DCs use powerful warehouse management software (WMS). A good WMS should organize your warehouse, increase picking speeds, decrease mis-picks, direct pickers, and free up time for you to focus on growing your company.

We designed WOS with you in mind. Its modern and intuitive layout makes training new employees easy. WOS’s powerful iOS app, deployed on iPads and coupled with finger ring scanners, creates an entirely hands-free picking system. This system is incredibly mobile and user-friendly. The iPads easily mount on any picking cart, which keeps them out of the way and out of pickers’ hands, helping them focus on urgent tasks. This hands-free setup directly boosts and accelerates any operation and maximizes overall profits.

WOS operates on the cloud, so you can easily add as many users as needed without the costs of additional servers and IT staff to manage the software.

The cloud-based functionality is ideal in the warehousing industry because it allows you to manage inventory across all of your facilities. In addition, you'll have access to inventory and worker reports at the tap of a finger.

Without software guiding and managing the process, warehousing can be stressful. You may have questions like this:

  • Are my inventory counts correct? 
  • Am I shipping the right products to my customers?
  • Is my inventory being stocked in the best locations?
  • Are my pickers working as efficiently as they could be?
  • Am I shipping my products out as fast as I can? 

These questions pose valid concerns, and all are addressed by the powerful and flexible WarehouseOS™ inventory management software.

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  2. Core Benefits
  3. Key Features
  4. Flexible Integrations
  5. Conclusion

Who Uses WOS? [Top Brands]

WOS is trusted by some of the leading and most well-known brands in various industries, including retail and 3PL companies. 

Enlinx, a massive 3PL based in Utah, takes pride in having near-perfect delivery of products to customers every time. Running hundreds of WOS iPads, it effortlessly manages the inventory of over 20 different companies.

Pitman Creek Wholesale is a nationwide wholesale company that sells thousands of fishing products every year. Check out the video below to see Pitman Creek's success with their new system using WOS iPads.

Life Seasons is a natural supplements supplier dedicated to helping its customers live life to its fullest. Their distribution facility handles thousands of orders daily, and they are continuing to grow at an astounding rate.

Love Olive CO is an Idaho-based women's clothing boutique that breaks boundaries when it comes to women’s fashion. As a result, they are fulfilling more orders than ever before.

“Working with Hoj and WarehouseOS™, it’s definitely helped me to relieve a ton of stress. It’s just night and day different from when we first started in that basement of our store. We would not be able to function without it.” - Bryce Tarnasky Co-Owner of Love Olive Co

Watch their story here:

Bohme is leading the industry in women’s fashion and is continually growing. Currently, they have 13 store locations across four different states.

“We actually beat a record…We did 3000 orders picked and shipped in one day. We don’t trust any other system now for the picking and packing but you guys (WarehouseOS™).” Vivien Böhme, founder and CEO of Böhme

Beauty Industry Group is an umbrella company for 11 different beauty brands and is a leader in the hair extension and lash enhancement industry.

Blender Bottle is on the road to becoming a global fitness icon. They are revolutionizing how athletes mix and consume supplements.

“The Fulfillment Manager…said he received great feedback from his team about “how user-friendly [WarehouseOS] was, how quickly they learned the process, and how much easier they could pick and verify.” - Cody Leishman Sr. Director of Supply Chain Procurement

Sparkle In Pink promotes fashionable kid's clothing at a highly affordable price due to its unique business model. As a result, they could barely keep up with sales before using WOS.

“We were thinking we were going to need 30,000 square feet, as far as our space, which was quite a bit of money, [but] we were able to go to half that size with Hoj’s (parent company to WarehouseOS™) racking system and software.” - Diane Larsen Co-Owner of Sparkle In Pink

From their home garage to their own warehouse, Sparkle In Pink is on the road to success. Check out the video below to learn more.

These are just a few of our users that are benefiting from WarehouseOS™. Try the free demo and see how WOS can transform your operations today.

Core Benefits

Fast Training Time

Finding reliable employees who stay with the company is challenging in any industry, especially in warehousing. Therefore, it is crucial to have an easy-to-learn system. With WOS, you can have new employees trained and picking in about 30 minutes.

Eliminate the need to memorize the layout of an entire warehouse. WOS’ directed picking routes do that work for you.

Eliminate Mis-Picks

Eliminate mis-picks with scan verification. For example, current orders pop up on the screen, and the employee goes to the location of that order. Next, they scan the barcode associated with the item. If the worker picks the wrong item, the screen will flash red, alerting them to repick the right one. Once it is correct, the screen will flash green.

Top Of The Line Customer Support

Because WOS integrates with almost any shopping and shipping platform, custom assistance is necessary. No need to worry. We have a dedicated customer support team available to give you over-the-phone or on-site support.

If you need immediate assistance, give us a call, and we will have the issue fixed as quickly as possible.

Easily Cancel, Upgrade, or Downgrade

When choosing WOS as your next inventory management solution, feel at ease with a flexible month-to-month plan. The monthly subscription allows you to change your license counts or cancel altogether whenever you would like. If your business runs seasonal, simply put your subscription on hold until you need it.

We work hard for your loyalty by giving you and your employees the best and most flexible warehousing experience possible.

You are guaranteed to get the most bang for your buck, whether you are a small or large business. Only pay for what you need.

WOS has a unique business model where you only pay for every iPad you are using. Whether you’re a small garage-run operation or a large distribution center, WOS can scale at any level, no matter the size. You will only pay for the number of iPads you use.

Key Features

Boost Order Fulfillment With Batch Pick

Batch picking allows one picker to fulfill hundreds of orders at a time.

WOS directs the worker down the most efficient route to pick all items on the list, even if they are for different orders. Instead of picking one order at a time, you can pick multiple orders at once. WOS tells each worker where to go for every product.

WOS requires each pick to be verified with a scanner. The WOS app will flash red if you pick the wrong product, indicating a mistake.

Avoid Overselling With Cycle Count

One of the processes most prone to mistakes is counting inventory. Outdated methods require manual counting of each product where there is plenty of room for error. If your counts are off, you could easily oversell products, resulting in delayed shipments and bad reviews.

WOS makes this step easy with simple, reliable, and accurate inventory counts without the need to stop and record them by hand. Instead, WOS automatically tracks inventory levels with every scan.

If you need to run a check on inventory levels, WOS makes that easy. Using the cycle count feature, WOS guides workers to each location, where they manually scan each item in stock to verify inventory levels using one-step verification. Then, the software continues to track inventory automatically from there.

Two-step verification is the same process as one-step but repeated by another employee. This process provides two independent inventory accounts to ensure accuracy.

Improve Shipping Accuracy With WOS Packing

Shipping wrong orders to customers can be a nightmare for customer service. If you’re still dealing with paper pick sheets, this solution is for you.

The process is simple. The product is scanned when picked and scanned again when shipped. This double verification ensures order accuracy.

Keep The Receiving Dock Flowing

Keep products moving with WOS's receiving functionality. Quickly and accurately confirm your incoming vendor shipments and get your inventory stored in the right place.

Quickly receive, verify, and stock new inventory all within the WOS app. Like cycle (inventory) count, you choose between one and two-step verification to ensure accurate counts. As a result, you'll know exactly what inventory you have on your warehouse floor.

Manage Inventory Like Never Before

You want your warehouse to look good and operate even better. The key benefits of WOS's inventory management system are as follows:

  1. Get the most out of your entire warehouse space.
  2. Access popular items quickly and easily.
  3. Pick faster with seasonal inventory rearrangements.
  4. Organize product location and quantity based on best-selling and popular items.
  5. Keep a history of inventory movement to ensure everything is accounted for.

WOS makes it easy to move, put, pull, and replenish stock all within the WOS app.

Pack One Hot Selling Items For Faster Fulfillment

Every business has those few items that seem to fly off the shelves before you can stock them. Usually, pickers have to keep going back to the location of the hot-selling item over and over again as new orders come in.

With Pack One capabilities, you can avoid redundant picking of those top moving items. Here’s how it works:

  1. Identify a hot-selling item.
  2. Load a bunch of that item to your pick-cart to take to the packing area.
  3. Scan the item. WOS will automatically pull up an existing order that contains that product.
  4. Pack the order and move on to the next item.
  5. Continue the process until all orders have been packed.

Pick One is a super powerful concept that saves hours of picking time over the course of a year, which in turn saves you money.

There’s a KPI In Every Pick With The Metrics Dashboard

Fiddling with Microsoft Excel to organize and analyze your data is a thing of the past. Instead, WOS gives you presentation-ready KPIs that are easy to read and that anyone can understand.

Here at WarehouseOS™, we say "there's a KPI in every pick." We say this because WOS tracks almost everything that happens under its watch. Then, WOS shows you these key metrics and effortlessly provides the data you need to make the best decisions for your business.

Flexible Integrations

We built WOS with flexible APIs that can integrate with many popular shopping and shipping platforms, such as:

  1. Shopify
  3. Netsuite
  4. Magento 
  5. BigCommerce
  6. ShipStation
  7. Amazon
  8. Woocommerce
  9. Custom Platforms and more

Didn’t see your store host? No worries, our software specialists can also connect WOS to custom stores. Feel free to reach out to our professionals who can determine the best way to integrate with your systems.

3rd Party Shipping Platforms

When orders come in, shipping labels will print automatically when the order is ready to be packaged and shipped.

Like integrating WOS onto online shopping platforms, it’s easy to integrate WOS into most 3rd party shipping platforms.

Accounting Software Integrations

WOS tracks everything to make accounting for your sold orders, returns, and other orders simple. Make tax day easy with WOS as it integrates with almost any ERP on the market today.

How Much Does WarehouseOS™ (WOS) Cost?

Most software costs thousands of dollars and has an annual subscription fee for full I.T. support. Not WOS. Check out the features and pricing details below and only pay for what you need.


Many top brands have partnered with WarehouseOS™ and continue to do so every month. Packed full of features designed with your problems in mind, WOS can handle just about any inventory challenge.


Jeremy Barth

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