Böhme Comes Out of 4th Quarter with Success


Tuesday, October 19, 2021

With all of the pressure from Black Friday and 4th quarter, Böhme anticipated a natural increase in demand. With a picking and packing system that was frustrating, outdated, and cumbersome to use, Böhme searched for a practical and effective software system in managing inventory for their eCommerce presence.

Just a week prior to Black Friday, employees at Böhme spent hours counting inventory and completely switching their system to WarehouseOS. They were worried about the hectic coming weeks on a new system; however, WarehouseOS made the switch simple and allowed them to meet Black Friday’s demands with no hiccups at all.

Having little time to learn the new system, Böhme needed to ensure their employees were well trained and ready to go. Thanks to the intuitive user interface and quick training times of WarehouseOS, Böhme was fully prepared to stay up with the anticipated heavy order quantities. Böhme was able to bring on 12 – 15 temporary workers who quickly learned the system within hours, helping them through the holiday rush. Black Friday ended up being one of their best performing days to date, sending out thousands of orders. Vivien Böhme, founder and CEO of Böhme, was thrilled how WarehouseOS handled the order volume. “No funny load times or anything,” said Vivien. “WarehouseOS just kept going, even with heavy amounts of orders.”

A manageable and reliable software was what they were searching for, and WarehouseOS delivered. Previous experiences with other warehouse software lacked the ability to meet those expectations. They hindered their operational practices and ultimately affected other areas of their business. Böhme wanted a system that has a user-friendly interface that employees can quickly learn. Vivien noted, “If you have software you don’t want to look at, you’re not going to perform well. We like the UI of WarehouseOS. It makes all the difference.”

With all the stresses that 4th quarter brings, having an effective and reliable software is necessary. Böhme came out of Cyber Week with success on their shoulders and customers with their orders. Though the training window was slim, WarehouseOS proved its efficiency and ease-of-use that got them through the week. Vivien said it simply, “WarehouseOS just gets it done.”



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