WarehouseOS™: Inventory On The Cloud is Saving Small Businesses


Jeremy Barth

Thursday, December 30, 2021

WarehouseOS™, also known as WOS, is a cloud inventory management software that helps everyone from entry-level users to giant retailers handle the backend logistics of their business. 

Using the cloud, you can easily manage inventory storage locations, warehouse workers, receiving equipment, parts, products, and shipping, without having to deal with the complexities of manual inventory tracking.

WOS is affordable, so you won't need a lot of capital to get started. There are various plans available to make sure you only pay for what you need. The software increases efficiency so much that it ends up paying for itself. Plus, the only hardware necessary to run the software is an iPad and a computer with an internet connection.

The story of WarehouseOS™

WOS was built from a need for better warehousing solutions. Solutions that would empower our customers to save time, energy, and money. Our parent company, Hoj Innovations, saw that need and got to work.

Hoj Innovations has been the top warehousing company in Utah for over 50 years.

Hoj specializes in supplying companies with all of their warehousing needs. This includes racking, pallet jacks, forklifts,  and using careful analyses to build entire inventory control systems.

Hoj Innovations has seen an array of different systems other companies employ to manage their inventory. We have seen what works and what doesn't. Every company has different methods for managing the logistical side of their business. Many of which have inherent flaws that cost them money, time, and energy on systems which should run smoothly in the background.

To meet this need, Hoj Innovations created WarehouseOS™, a modern cloud inventory management system that optimizes a business’s backend and effortlessly grows with them. 

So, how does it work?

What Is So Special About WOS?

While WOS was being created it had to have a few key features that we knew would change the game for traditional warehousing.

First, it needed to be on the cloud. On-site servers are costly to maintain,service, and update. You can't typically see how your warehouse is doing while you travel or go on the road. The cloud gives you the flexibility you need as a business owner. 

Second, it needed to be mobile. That means software that is accessible anywhere and everywhere. WOS is completely mobile. It is built on an iOS platform and all you need is an iPad with a Wifi connection. Check on your warehouse from anywhere in the world via the cloud. Get reports, see employee productivity, and much more. Everything you need is at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.

Third, it needed to be easy to learn. During Q4, or during times of increased sales, companies need to bring on temporary workers in order to meet increased demand. With WOS, you can have new employees trained and working within an hour of them walking through your doors.

Fourth, it needed to be flawless. Many warehousing software solutions are seriously strained during heavy order periods like Q4. Picking products and shipping them correctly doesn’t have to be complicated. WOS has already figured it out for you. 

If you’d like to learn more, sign up for a free no-pressure demo today to check it out for yourself.

How WarehouseOS™ is Saving Small Businesses

So we mentioned WOS can handle the pressures of Q4. But how is it saving small businesses?

Many small businesses experience moderate to severe growing pains throughout their lifespan. Most entrepreneurs and managers are not experienced warehousing and logistics professionals. 

The systems created are typically bandaids or temporary measures that work for a short period of time. Those systems typically can't grow with their business and as a result, they experience severe growing pains when business starts to boom.

The Owners of Love Olive Co. were in this exact situation when they came to Hoj Innovations and WOS for help. Check out their video showcasing how Hoj & WOS eliminated their growing pains now and into the future.

Love Olive Co. had outgrown their space and their old system for shipping orders. Product demand was increasing and they needed a new system and space in which to receive, pick, pack, and ship orders effectively. 

With the help of Hoj Innovations materials and logistics experience and WOS’s Cloud-based WMS, they were able to take full advantage of a 8,400 sq/ft warehouse instead of a larger warehouse they thought they needed. This saved them space, significant overhead costs, and even gave them room for future growth.

That is the power of a top-performing cloud-based inventory management software like WOS.  It allowed them to take full advantage of a warehouse half the size of the one they originally thought they needed.

  • Optimized warehouse space to maximize picking speed. 
  • Ensured that high volume items were most accessible
  • Setup a flawless shipping system for sending orders out
  • Ordered, shipped, and installed racking materials
  • Set-up WOS as the brain to manage the new system


Whether you’re running a small business, 3pl or a massive international clothing brand, keeping inventory in stock and shipping smoothly is key to the success of your business. It can be a complicated process, but using software like WOS can help simplify it. 

WarehouseOS™ is a slick, intuitive, and multi-useful tool that can help streamline your inventory management process, reduce costs, errors, and give yourself time to grow your business. It’s clear that the future of warehousing will increasingly be on the cloud, so give it a try today.


Jeremy Barth

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