The Truth About Direct to Consumer [D2C]


Olivia Hoj

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

What does direct to consumer (D2C) actually mean? Most people could guess what it means from the name itself. Direct to consumer means that the company that manufactures or produces the goods sells directly to the customer instead of utilizing a middle man or distributor. 

In fact, 81% of consumers plan to use at least one D2C company in the next five years. Let’s chat about the benefits of D2C, and help you decide if it’s the right fit for your company. 

Benefits of Direct to Consumer

Faster Launches

One of the benefits of D2C is the potential for faster launches, which means getting the product or goods in the customers hand sooner. Since you don’t have to communicate with a distributor and work around their timing and schedule, you determine when packages leave your warehouse. 

You are in charge of fulfillment and launch timing. If you have a last minute launch idea, it’s much more feasible to actually ship the orders in a reasonable amount of time. 

More Control of Fulfillment

When you ship directly to the customer, you eliminate any third party having contact with your fulfillment process. If you utilize a third party fulfillment center and they make a mistake with a package, you are ultimately responsible for the mistake in the eyes of the customer. 

When you are in charge of your own fulfillment, you can take control of the packages that show up on your consumers porch.


While we discussed many benefits to D2C, it’s important to take into account that this means your company needs to take on several roles. You are responsible for all aspects of your business including fulfillment, marketing, employee relations, etc. 

This can be overwhelming for some, especially for businesses who are just getting started. So, what is the solution for companies who do want to utilize the D2C method but are overwhelmed with the many responsibilities? 

Technology is the solution. Technology can help streamline many of your processes including fulfillment, human resources, payroll, etc. Specifically, technology is your answer to speedy fulfillment. 

WarehouseOS offers a great solution for companies looking for faster, more efficient fulfillment. Here are a few of the benefits WarehouseOS can offer:

  • Train new employees in a fraction of the time (usually under 30 minutes).
  • Dramatically decrease picking and packing time (sometimes by half).
  • Lower your cost-per-package shipped.
  • Compete globally at a lower overall cost.
  • Eliminate mis-picks.
  • Tablet-guided picking routes and product location verification.
  • Paperless picking and packing.
  • Actionable KPIs and employee metrics

Direct to Consumer Success

At WarehouseOS, we are lucky enough to work with several successful brands utilizing the D2C method including Bohme, Piper & Scoot, Roolee, Zyia Active, and Minky Couture to name a few. Here are a few of the industries we have experience working with:

  • Ecommerce
  • Apparel
  • Automotive
  • Health & beauty
  • Furniture & home decor
  • Consumer goods
  • Small business
  • Supplements
  • Third-party logistics (3PL)
  • Wholesale distribution
  • Books & education

In Conclusion

From our discussion today, it is clear that there are many benefits to the D2C method. Many companies have mastered self-fulfillment and are experiencing unprecedented growth. If you are looking for the right technology to help you master your fulfillment, reach out to us at WarehouseOS today. 

We are even offering you a free consultation to optimize your warehouse, no strings attached. We are confident that your warehouse is just a few fixes away from a faster, more efficient warehouse.


Olivia Hoj

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