Why Not Switching to a Cloud WMS is a Huge Mistake for You and Your Business


Jeremy Barth

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

What is a WMS?

WMS stands for Warehouse Management Software. It is responsible for tracking inventory levels, directing pickers and packers, receiving inventory from vendors, and making the entire logistics process a whole lot easier. More specifically, businesses are turning to cloud-based warehouse management softwares because it is easy to set up, cost effective, and can scale with your business.

What is a Cloud-Based WMS?

​​Cloud-Based WMS allows you to manage your warehouse inventory without the physical constraints of being tied down to one location or building. You can share data with other members on your team, see real time updates on what inventory is available within the warehouse and see the location of items. Simply put, a cloud WMS gives you more freedom and flexibility than ever before.

Cloud-based WMS is so much more than just inventory management. It is about making the most of your time, money, and resources. When you are working with a cloud-based warehouse management system, it means that all your workers will have access to real-time information about where all inventory is stored, what needs to be reordered, if there is anything unaccounted for in the warehouse, etc. They no longer spend valuable time walking around the warehouse looking for items. All the information is right at their fingertips.

This allows warehouse workers to focus on other important tasks within your business, such as training new employees, fulfilling orders, and restocking inventory.

Why not switching to a Cloud-Based WMS is a huge mistake.

Non-cloud-based WMS’s have certain limitations that may force you to invest in an entirely new system if changes happen within your company or business model. It can be anything from increased users, increased product lines, or just growing the business itself. Cloud-based WMS solutions scale with you because they are accessible via an internet connection instead of confined by on-premise servers.

Outdated methods are costing you money.

Many warehouses are still running their business on outdated systems designed in the early '90s during the floppy disks era. If you are utilizing Excel spreadsheets or some other tool that has been passed down through the years, it could be costing you money every day you don't make the switch.

How can the cloud help? It can track orders in real-time, increase the speed of product fulfillment, and increase the picking accuracy of workers. In addition, it can organize your warehouse in a way that makes order fulfillment up to 10x faster.

If you’re running a small to medium-sized business, try imagining a concern-free future where you don't have to worry if your orders will be shipped out correctly or if you need to restock on certain items soon. Take the guesswork out of all the moving parts in your business by letting the cloud handle the busywork.

What are the benefits of cloud inventory management?

The benefits of switching to the cloud are numerous for every type of company, whether small or large, and there are no extraneous hardware costs. For example, WarehouseOS™ - Hoj's proprietary inventory management software - only requires an iPad with a WIFI connection to manage your entire warehousing operation.

Increase efficiency with the cloud, not confusion.

A great WMS organizes your warehouse in the most efficient way possible, enabling workers to easily find all the items that need to be shipped out, quickly and efficiently. Instead of having to open multiple tabs on their computer screen to access inventory information, it's only one tap away.

Save time.

With an updated system, employees no longer spend valuable time looking for items or constantly doing data entry.

You’re constantly notified ahead of time when you’re running low on inventory, so you can maintain healthy lead times. It also enables you to increase customer satisfaction by having all workers constantly working towards shipping orders faster than ever before.

A cloud-based system eliminates mis-shipments. It requires every worker to scan each item before and after picking, drastically reducing the number of wrong orders and time spent receiving returns.

A good cloud system will drastically reduce the time it takes to find, pick and ship orders. It optimizes the warehouse picking path of each employee and tracks how long it takes to complete their picking route, allowing you to see who is productive and who is not.

Simplify the way you do business.

Many cloud-based WMS systems integrate with well-known companies such as Shopify, ShipStation, Big Commerce, and more, so you can seamlessly send out products to customers waiting for them without having to switch between different programs.

While it might sound like a lot of effort at first glance to shift from a traditional setup to a cloud WMS system, the payoff of getting instant results outweighs the integration process (which is dramatically faster than setting up a conventional system).

Train new workers in minutes.

With a cloud-based system like WarehouseOS™, you can have new workers picking within an hour. Reduced training times allow you to easily bring in additional workers during the 4th quarter or peak season.

Workers using WarehouseOS™ inventory management system to pick products 

Lower costs.

In addition to faster training times, lower IT costs provide ample amounts of savings for businesses. In most cases, cloud systems don’t require full-time IT staff on site. If something goes wrong, simply call up the cloud provider. They will have a team of IT specialists working immediately on resolving your issue.

Every business owner wants their workers to be as efficient as possible. A great cloud WMS can help increase worker productivity by up to 100%. Reducing picking times and increasing picking accuracy reduces the cost of each fulfilled order by half.

Is it possible to run your logistics all from one device?

Everything you need to run WarehouseOS™ in the palms of your hands. 

With a cloud-based WMS, you can run your warehouse on one device. All you need is an iPad and a small barcode scanner. This allows for easier collaboration with employees and managers, as well as managing details on the go.

The ability to access information anytime and anywhere makes for an efficient business that keeps up with its competition. No matter the size of your company or where you are located, cloud systems like WarehouseOS™ have quick and easy-to-use solutions.

If you're interested in learning more about how WarehouseOS™ can benefit your company, reach out today for a free no-pressure consultation and demo.


The business benefits of a cloud-based inventory management system are vast and have been proven by countless companies. Ultimately, a cloud system saves you time, energy, money, lowers errors, reduces new employee training times, and optimizes your warehouse for the future.


Jeremy Barth

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