WarehouseOS® Celebrates More than Eight Years of its Patented Technologies


Wednesday, October 20, 2021

WarehouseOS® (WOS), a leader in inventory management software and overall warehouse management, celebrates more than eight years of its patented technologies - Pick2Grid™ and SmartPath™. Both of these inventions facilitate inventory management for clients and help them to be more efficient in their warehouse operations.

The WarehouseOS® patented Pick2Grid™ iPad display facilitates fast, simultaneous order fulfillment. The screen presents users with a virtual representation of the cart’s compartments on a grid, and WOS assigns each order of a batch to its own, unique compartment. This technology also empowers users to be extremely accurate in their picking.

How it works: When an item is picked and scanned for an order, WarehouseOS highlights the correct compartment on the grid to indicate where the item goes. Every product and its appropriate compartment on the cart must be scanned and verified as you go in order to proceed to the next item.

WarehouseOS® uses the patented SmartPath™ technology to analyze and then create the best pick path for the batch to optimize the picker’s efficiency. At every pick location, WOS directs the picker to pick the items for each order, which can increase throughput by up to 25 percent. At the end of the pick path, all orders are picked and ready to be packed.

iPads verify that pickers are pulling the correct product via bluetooth scanners. Scanning the inventory location and the actual product validates that the correct items have been picked. Once an item is picked, the software displays the next pick item and its location in the warehouse.

With these patented technologies, WarehouseOS® provides better, simpler, and more efficient inventory management operations.

About WarehouseOS®

WarehouseOS® is an inventory management software with a suite of iOS apps that greatly help businesses to operate more efficiently and to manage their inventory with less friction. With the help of 50 years of warehouse material and warehouse management experience, WarehouseOS® was created to ensure businesses maximize their productivity.



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