Health & Beauty

Does your inventory system need a makeover? Revitalize your fulfillment process with WarehouseOS™ and excel in this evolving industry.

A variety of beauty and cosmetic items on a light background.

Healthy inventory, healthy business.
The best in Cosmetic inventory Software.

Batch pick, single pick, automated cycle counts, and real time KPIs make WarehouseOS™ the perfect tool to boost shipping performance and cut costs.

Picking Power

Empower your pickers to do more by easily tracking inventory levels anywhere in your warehouse. Quickly replenish pick faces when inventory gets low.

Faster Fulfillment

Condense your fastest moving items into an easy-to-reach picking area to maximize fulfillment speed.

Bluetooth Scanner Accuracy

Forget about bulky RF scanners or manual data entry. Scan and go with small Bluetooth finger scanners that keep your hands free.

Inventory Control

Know exactly what's happening on your warehouse floor. Look at picks-per-hour by user, a heat matrix of congested areas, or scan your facility's KPIs within seconds.

Client Organization

Automatically track inventory and orders for each client by assigning unique SKUs to each product.

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