Furniture & Home Decor

WarehouseOS ™ is capable of managing inventory of any size and shape. See how this easy-to-use furniture inventory management system makes you feel right at home.

A living room with white walls and beige decorations including a beige couch.

Get cozy with your warehouse.
The best in Furniture inventory management Software.

Your customers will feel at home as you deliver the best shopping experience possible. WarehouseOS™ comfortably keeps track of all your inventory from the moment it enters your warehouse to the moment it leaves.

Peace of Mind

Stop losing time fixing shipping issues. WarehouseOS™ does the heavy lifting for you. It is built on the familiar iOS platform and can be learned in as little as 30 minutes.

Accuracy and Faster Fulfillment

WarehouseOS™ changes the way your workers pick, pack, and ship orders. Many users see a 100% increase in productivity while dramatically increasing shipping accuracy.

Bluetooth Scanner Accuracy

Forget about bulky RF scanners or manual data entry. Scan and go with small Bluetooth finger scanners that keep your hands free.

Inventory Control

Know exactly what's happening on your warehouse floor. Look at picks-per-hour by user, a heat matrix of congested areas, or scan your facility's KPIs within seconds.


WarehouseOS™ allows the input of product size information for each item which allows workers to plan how to pick an order before they start.

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